It's Adora's world and we're All just living in it.

How many 5 year olds can say that they are the inspiration for over 1,000 works of art?

This past month I've been lucky enough to work with one such girl- well, her father actually, Adora can't run a website...yet. 

The Adora Art Project was started by Adora's Dad, Hanan, when Adora was born. He wanted a creative way to document his daughter's growth and development. The project started slowly and eventually became a huge project featuring over 1,000 works of art from all over the world. Adora has gotten in on the act too- she loves to cook her favorite recipes on a YouTube cooking channel and write silly songs that she's published in to a book called "Songs for 5 Year Olds". 

Hanan contacted me looking for some marketing assistance on his website. He needed to take the many aspects of the site and package them in a more digestible format. Between Hanan's blog, all of the artists' content and Adora's interests, the website was hard to understand and did not have a well defined purpose. I was able to give him some insight on how to make the site simpler and more user friendly.

The big questions that needed to be answered were "What is this site really about?" and more specifically "Who is it for?" and "Why do they care?". It seems like a lot of lofty thinking for an art blog but every company has a purpose that needs to be defined. 

These questions come up quite a lot in branding, especially as a concept changes and evolves over time. In the case with The Adora Art Project, more and more artists created works for the site and as Adora began growing up, she wanted to participate too. The concept as a whole changed so now its user interface needed some tweaking as well. 

After this first round of work was finished, Hanan revealed his long term plan for The Adora Art Project concept. He's launching a non-proft side of the business, in conjunction with some of the original artists, to create and sell original works of art to help raise money for less fortunate children. I will continue to work with The Adora Art Project as it begins this exciting new phase of its life and will play a roll in launching the project next month. 

Visit for more information about the unique and talented Adora Levin, her art, and the accompanying non-profit to come in the following months. I'm sure you'll be hearing more about her soon.