The Farm to Table Conference double take!

What are you doing this weekend? Care to spend some time with Western PA's best farmers, food producers, and sustainable food champions? Of course you do! Join me and hundreds of other Western PA food nerds at the 12th Annual Farm to Table Conference. I have the opportunity to offer my expertise twice this weekend on two different topics. 

At 10AM on Saturday I'll be speaking with two students from my Business of Food and Agriculture class about our product development project in conjunction with CRAFT and Tomanetti's Pizza.  We don't have pizza samples just yet, but we'll tell you all about we choose the ingredients and sourced everything-from crust to cheese from less than 100 miles from Pittsburgh. 

On Sunday, I'll be back again at the Hot Pepper Stage at 1 PM talking about Eco-Labels. Did you know that the book The Jungle helped to create one of the first federal food laws in the United States? Or that all you need to do to call chicken eggs "free range" is a provide door that leads to a porch!? The chickens don't even have to use it. Learn about these facts, why they matter and how to navigate the ever-changing eco-label landscape with me. I'll post more about labels soon but until then, I hope to see you this weekend!