And the Easter Bunny, too.


I'm thinking that starting a business must feel a lot like when you first realize that Santa Claus isn't real.

I don't remember that moment for me exactly but I'm sure I was just doin' my kid thing; loving my Lisa Fank notebook and New Kids on the Block sleeping bag until everything changed. I got some bad news that Santa was just a fairy tale, probably from some kid with a bowl cut and Steeler's Starter jacket named Steve. From that moment on, my childhood changed a little bit. I don't remember exactly how old I was when it happened, but I do remember being sad then quickly getting over it and appreciating my parents more because I always got awesome presents despite us not having much. I moved on with my new information and played with my Skip-it with some more knowledge and a better idea of how the world works. 

I feel that this same experience happens a million times when you're starting a business. You're going along your merry little way, writing your business plan, dreaming about all the cool stuff that you'll do, then someone hits you with some information that's hard to process. "There's no way you can get that much funding for a seasonal business." "Your occupancy permit is going to be a nightmare" "I don't think you'll have enough time to make this happen this year." 

Each time this happens, the rug gets pulled out from under you a bit and it feels like a dead end. But... you re-group, learn a little more, and work to make it happen despite the hurdles that you didn't expect. 

This has been my reality for the past few weeks. Each time it happened, I got sad for a bit and then re-grouped and formulated a plan to get through it. Here are some examples:

Reality: I won't get as much (if any) bank funding as I thought I initially could.
Plan: I looked into Kiva loans and SBA funding and I'm working on saving my butt off. 

Reality: I won't have enough time to make my business happen this year. 
Plan: Keep chugging along with the knowledge that more time gives me more opportunities to create a kick ass business for 2018. 

So yeah, Santa AND the Easter Bunny aren't real, businesses are hard to start and I'm upset that I don't have my skip-it any more. It's cool. At least I don't have a bowl cut.