But I don't wanna!


Would you try to fly a plane without any instruction on how to do so before you hopped into the front seat? Would you give someone a tattoo without ever picking up a tattoo gun? Would you perform as a lead in a Broadway musical without learning the music and lines first?

I really hope your answers are no because I love to travel, enjoy getting tattoos and really like musicals, so I don't want any of those things ruined by your poor planning. 

Your abject terror to doing any of this stuff without instructions from professionals and a proper plan is an excellent thing. Not having the correct knowledge in any of those situations would lead to at the least disappointment and at the most very unhappy and probably very dead airplane passengers.  

Not to scare you, but not having a business plan should make you the same level of uneasy. A lot of people don't think they need a plan when starting a business.  I'm here to tell you that those people are wrong. 

A business plan is a very good idea for anyone that wants to start a business of any size. Generally, a business plan is an internal and external roadmap that tells you, your employees, your stakeholders and your investors what you want to do and how you're going to do it. 

Don't whine. It is really necessary. Really. 

"But I don't need funding from a bank, and I'm a sole proprietor, so there is no reason to write one." 

Wrong! A business plan can be an essential internal document to help you flesh out your product or service, your target market, and milestones throughout the life of your business. You'll use research, your expertise, and general business knowledge to get a better handle on the business climate and overall do-ability of your idea. Hell, it may even tell you that your business is a terrible idea. Wouldn't that be better to figure out BEFORE you've invested serious time and money into an idea?

"But aren't business plans, like, a million pages long?"

Wrong! When you're getting a grade in your MBA class, sure they're probably pretty long but you're not getting graded on this one.  All that matters is that you produce a well thought out, well-researched narrative about your business and its plans for success. Can it be done in 5 pages? No. But 20 or so is a great length to shoot for and is easy to get to once you get going. 

So yeah. Put "write a business plan" on your to-do list because it's a great way to make your success a little more plausible and your vision a little more clear. 

Now, on to learning how to fly that plane.