I'm not done yet I'm just getting started.

Happy (kinda) anniversary to me! I've been working on my goals of creating a successful consulting business for the past year and I'm finally feeling pretty good about it. It was this time last year that I was in a job that was a terrible fit for me and I was searching desperately for a way out. The crappiness I was feeling about work gave me just enough of a kick in the butt to jump into consulting with only, like, 95% abject terror. The 5% of "maybe I can do this" was just enough to try it. 

I finally felt that this could actually be "a thing" a few weeks ago. A number of great opportunities came together and I'm finally making some great connections.  I have a few good gigs and it's looking that I'll be able to pay the bills for at least the next few months. I'm happy. And I'm ready for another great year. 

My goals for the coming year consist of:
Continue to kick ass and take names
Blog more (look, I'm doing it!) 
Work with more fantastic people to help them make their businesses as good as they can be. 
Get comfortable with telling people that I "own my own business" when they ask what I do. 
Spend less time reading Buzzfeed listicles 

Here's to another year of never looking back