Hi, I'm Nicolette.
Nice to meet you. 


Nicolette Spudic, Owner

I grew up in the food service industry and have extensive experience working in restaurants and other food related businesses. I've served, bartended, cooked, managed restaurants and a winery, ran a farmer's market and participated in countless food promos and tasting events. These experiences have taught me how to understand the amount of heart, skill, and energy that it takes to run a successful food business.

My Masters of Arts in Food Studies from Chatham University took my experience and refined it, teaching me how to write, think, and experience food and food related businesses in a broader way. My area of concentration was Markets and Marketing; this work coupled with my Bachelors of Business Administration, made me well poised to help food businesses of all kinds achieve success.       

My thesis and the encyclopedia entries that I wrote for The SAGE Encyclopedia of Food Issues allowed me to do dive into the world of food labeling, regulation, consumer clarity, and the marketing implications surrounding food. It's a fascinating area of study, and I enjoy helping my customers better understand the intricacies of it. 

Now, with almost 20 years experience in various aspects of food and beverages businesses, I’ve been able to assist dozens of entrepreneurs thrive. Each job I take on is an opportunity to learn more, contribute to the regional food economy and become even more skilled in the business of food and agriculture.

In addition to Pick Your Poison, I'm also an adjunct professor for Chatham University and work for CRAFT as the Food and Agriculture Innovation Lab Coordinator.

When I'm not working, I love cooking, biking, running obstacle course races, musicals, home improvement and enjoying all of the weird and wonderful stuff that Pittsburgh has to offer. I live just outside of The 'Burgh with my husband, Jason, and our caique parrot, Yoshi. They both put up with my bad dancing and penchant for trying to make baked goods healthy, and for that I am grateful. 


Chatham University
Masters of Arts in Food Studies, 2012 graduate
Concentration: Markets and Marketing
Thesis: Eco-Labels: History, Health, and Consumer Clarity 

University of Pittsburgh
Bachelors of Science in Business Administration, 2007 Graduate
Major: Marketing | Minor: Economics


The SAGE Encyclopedia of Food Issues, 2015
Natural and Artificial Flavors and Fragrances 
Nutrition Labeling

Climate Change: An Encyclopedia of Science and History, 2013
Climate Change Skeptics and Public Policy